Weird Wiltshire Exhibition Opening

The Weird Wiltshire exhibition opened on Saturday 1st April with a night of performance, art and the launch of the new gallery space at the Richard Jefferies museum.  Over 100 people attended the private view on a beautiful Spring evening.

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There were performances by Les Bicyclettes of the Wiltshire White horses and folk songs by Richard Law and Eddie Cooke

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Art on display included work by over 40 local artists with their own interpretation on the theme of Weird Wiltshire. A New Shoots grant from Swindon Borough Council enabled free gallery space for artists taking part and a family activities day ‘ Weird Wednesday’ on April 19th.  The family day includes art & craft activities and strange Wiltshire tales from story teller Chris Park.

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The exhibition is on until the end of April, details for the family day can be found on The Richard Jefferies website     Tel – 07768917466

( And not to disappoint Linda here is a photo of Jackie Bardwell astride a White Horse )

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Weird Wiltshire Exhibition

Weird Wiltshire Exhibition

When we put out a call for artwork in January with the theme of Weird Wiltshire we never would have believed we’d have 60 pieces submitted for the exhibition.
It was a great response in all sorts of mediums from photography, collage and  textiles to mosaic, print making, painting, drawing and ceramics.
The exhibition will take place from Sat 1st April at the Richard Jefferies museum, the former home of Swindon’s best loved nature writer and now museum of his work. The opening night will be promoting the launch of the new gallery space and exhibition which includes Wiltshire folklore, super natural beings, chalk horses, standing stones, mummers and moonrakers.

We really hope you can join us  on Sat 1st April from 7 – 9 pm at the Richard Jefferies museum, there will be some music, story telling and a performance by Les Bicyclettes of the seven white horses of Wiltshire ( and maybe a painting or two ) Bring a bottle and invite your friends and family to a night of strange goings on in Weird Wiltshire
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Swindon Open Studios 2016

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What I love about Open Studios is you never know who you might meet or what you might find out – it’s always an interesting experience.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both weekends.

The first weekend I spent in my studio at Artsite, we had a lot of visitors despite the rain – I met a psychogeographer Victor Buehring from Oxford who has been documenting towns along the m4 corridor including Swindon. He told me what he does is go into a town with a sign asking someone to approach him, when they do he asks the person to send him to another place in  town to meet a particular person, when he meets that person he gets sent to another place – this happens 25 times and it gets recorded on a frame to create a picture of the town. The project is called ’25 pockets of’ You can see his blog here and hear about his experience in Swindon


Opposite in Number Nine was an exhibition of pictures from Kate Dawsons life drawing class and an exhibition of archaeological illustration by Jennie Anderson who told me all about the Chisledon Cauldrons and Moll Walbee – a 12th century Anglo – Norman noblewoman living in the welsh marches.  She was demonised in Welsh folklore after playing a part in the slaughter of hundreds of Welsh soldiers during the siege of Painscastle and immortalised as a giant and a witch


The second weekend Bea & I visited Vanetta Joffe’s open studios at Liddington Manor – what a lovely place – I enjoyed seeing Vanettas art studio & paintings but most of all I liked her art journals about her trip to India. I was a bit worried at one point when the door in the toilet got stuck and I almost pulled off the handle but luckily got out without breaking anything!


Next we went to see work by Every Cloud at Stanton House – they had a great selection of arts & crafts on display in including wood work, needle felting, mono prints and jewellery , all beautifully presented.

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My last stop of the day was to see Alex Coppock Bunce & Teresa Davey – a lovely mix of abstract art, textiles and paintings inspired by Alex’s time in Cornwall & surrounding landscape.

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Sunday started at Eco Fest at Savernake Social hall where we were doing a recycled art workshop, there was also a recycled art exhibition where local artists had made art out of items found at the free shop. There was lots going on – talks, music and stalls including incredible edibles, secret garden, Swindon Climate Action Network, Swindon Travel Choices and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

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When we left Eco Fest we had a few hours left to visit some more studios so Sue and I went to see Tracey Baker Stewart at 49a in Gorse hill , some definite studio envy going on there! Tracey just has to walk down her garden path to her studio opposite, perfect! Tracey showed us some of her portraits and art she’d been making in her workshops, I even signed up for one which I’m really looking forward to.

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Last but by no means least we went to see Eddie and Bee Operanto. They have created an amazing  space at their home, full of magical creatures brought to life from Bees children’s book illustrations. They told us they had invited in some Jehovas Witnesses on their first day thinking they had turned up for Open Studios! Bee told us her studio is a creative mess and she loves it that way. We came away feeling really inspired and looking forward to seeing more next year.

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Museum of the Mind

Museum of the Mind is a new collaborative exhibition by local artists.  The exhibition shows the process of how each artist works in reaching the finished piece – looking at the thought process behind the artwork – what motivates and inspires, frustrates? The exhibition is a combination of different styles including collage, painting, printing and mosaic.

Museum of the mind is on until August 7th at The Beehive, 55 Prospect Place, Swindon

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Upcoming Exhibitions and Events June – September

I will be participating in some events and exhibitions over the Spring / Summer starting next Saturday with the Swindon 175 Arts trail,  June 11th – 25th at Number Nine in Theatre square- an exhibition of artwork & postcards. The title of the exhibition is ‘ Who do we think we are?’ Postcards of Swindon. It will be open Sat  11 – 16.00. For more info see


July 3rd – 6th August Museum of the Mind Exhibition at the Beehive, Prospect Place, Swindon

Artists explore what makes them create and the process they go through to get to the final piece of finished artwork

Swindon Open Studios ( 2nd & 3rd weekends in September )


‘Aspects of colour’ mosaic exhibition at the Beehive throughout September, looking at colour in culture, music , history & art.

I will also be opening my studio at the Shoe Box theatre ( Formerly the Post Modern building in Theatre Square ) the 2nd weekend in September and will be running a recycled art workshop with Bea Menier during the 3rd weekend in September at Savernake Halls Eco Fest in Old Town

For more information on Swindon Open Studios go to

A break from the old routine

‘ Above all , you should do things that ignite your enthusiasm ‘


This is a line I read recently that stuck in my mind.  Sometimes it’s worth making time to take a few hours out of your weekly routine to do something just for you, take a walk ,  recoup some energy…..

If you are anything like me taking time out can be beneficial – especially when you have a mind full of clutter with 101 ‘ things to do’ buzzing around your head.  I get a lot of inspiration from the local landscape, places like Avebury & West Kennet so these are the places I tend to head for to go & contemplate things.  Just being in the open space gives you chance to breathe & go back  to your project/ideas with a clear mind and new perspective.


Little Free Library

Have really enjoyed working on the Little Free Library project for Savernake Social Hall in Old Town.  The library was installed & ready to use at today’s Big Lunch event.  The theme I was given to work with was nature & I included some words by local  writer Richard Jefferies who was inspired by the landscape around Coate Water.

There are lots of Little Free Libraries around the country all decorated in different styles,  the idea of the little free libraries is that people can donate a book & leave it in the box and take one in exchange to read.  Little Free Library is part of a national charitable initiative by Little Free Library UK to promote reading and art in communities across the country.  For more information go to

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Secret Garden Mosaic Workshop

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Mosaic Workshop in Queens Park yesterday! Was a fantastic turn out and a fun day in the sunshine creating mosaics for the Secret Garden.

We worked on designs  &  symbols to represent the various faiths, we even had a request for Jediism.  The secret Garden is run by volunteers and they are doing a great job transforming the area, go take a look if you haven’t already

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Mosaic Workshops at Number Nine



Learn to cut, glue and grout a mosaic…. using found objects, jewellery, mirror and coloured glass to either work on your own projects or make presents for Christmas. All materials are provided.

If you would like to come along to a workshop there are still some spaces left on a Tuesday evening 7.30 – 9 pm. £10 per session. It is held at Number Nine in Theatre Square which is opposite The Post Modern Gallery.

To book a place email Lynette at


From The Beehive to the Hive

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Since Open Studios back in September at The Beehive in Swindon we were wondering what to do next and thought it might be a nice idea to hook up with The Hive pub in Bath and see if there was a possibility of holding an exhibition there.

Annie, the landlady at The Hive liked the idea and suggested a collaboration with their In House artist Samuel Lindup … from Nov 25th we will be displaying our work with Sam at The Hive,  then in April he will show his artwork at The Beehive in Swindon. The exhibition will be a mix of styles and mediums including illustration, mosaic art and textiles.

If you are in the area then please pop by, the Hive is situated on London rd,  Bath, BA1 6PL

Pub Twinning is the way forward!

The exhibition will be on until the end of December

Artists include…

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